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Welcome to Car Throttle, the channel dedicated to awesome old cars, interesting challenges, crazy builds and cool new vehicles. Join us as we buy, build, race and test all the cars you love most!


11:35Living With A Road-Legal Kids' Car
Living With A Road-Legal Kids' CarVaatamised 838 tuh2 päeva tagasi
59:17Will Petrol Cars Always Exist? | Your Car Stories
27:14Public Transport Vs 500hp BMW M4 Competition
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1:04:19Are Delivery Drivers The Worst? | Your Car Stories
14:54Fitting EVO 8 Seats To Project BMW E46 Compact
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14:40Making A Mad Bosozoku Exhaust For Project BMW E46 Compact
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13:44Flip Paint Wrapping Project BMW E46 Compact
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14:12Non-Car Guy Reviews: BMW M340d Touring
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1:17:04Your Police Questions Answered | Your Car Stories
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12:43Driving The Car That TikTok Built
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13:42This Is What 0-60 In 2.8 Seconds Does To A Man
This Is What 0-60 In 2.8 Seconds Does To A ManVaatamised 456 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:00:30When A Burnout Goes Wrong | Your Car Stories
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58:48How To Beat This Common Car-Buying Scam | Your Car Stories
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11:35Living With An Audi RS6
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58:40The Car Mods We All Hate Most | Your Car Stories
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1:03:38How NOT To Sell A Car | Your Car Stories
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14:32Will My £700 Vitara Survive Off Road?
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53:35The Thing I Hate Most About My Car | Your Car Stories
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21:56Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 5
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  • We have a 1000$ CAR

  • Just shows how stupid the laws are in the UK when THAT piece of shit is road-legal, as are e-bikes and cycling on the road, but yet e-scooters aren't ........... I mean, who makes all these ludicrous decisions as to what's legal on the road and what's not???????? Britain needs to get a damn grip ........ it's the only country on the entire PLANET where riding an e-scooter - even in a fucking PARK - is illegal, but you can take a modified KIDS TOY CAR out on the public highway!!!!!!!!!

  • Just checked why is this car still on the road?

  • All the petrol cars VED are paying for it.

  • TIME STAMP 1:11:19 - time to pick another Car Throttle video

  • As soon as rover was mentioned i was shouting 200 brm. Come on guys ditch the bmws and get up to date with some decent cars.

  • "Honder e"

  • When are you guys taking over top gear then

  • Danny sounded so bored.. I love it.

  • Mighty car mods needs to collab with Car Throttle.

  • Govt ev uptake is going well

  • 7200€ wtf its a cool but expensive toy

  • No airbags?

  • I didnt knew james bond was in f1

  • The Gareth impression omg hahaha - im thinking about lions and punching giraffe

  • Mandarin speaker here, honestly I didn’t quite catch what Alex say… Anyone can make a subtitle for the non-English?

  • put a lamborghini doors in it

  • so is that no radio, no phone charging, no heater or air con mmmm

  • Could probably make it go up to 80mph with petrol engine, but I'd love to see that however

  • In Romania this would last top 5 months, due to the paths we have, ohh sorry, roads we have.

  • Love when Sean Bean comes on

  • Grew up watching Top Gear,Let’s get old watching car trottle.

  • I'm 16 and don't want to think about the fact that they will be all electric it's just not the same and I don't have long to actually enjoy petrol cars. Me and my mates can't wait for me to get my license and drive around (as I'm the eldest)

  • The back wheel looks like it’s about to shit the bed @ 13:33 😆

  • For Tony just get an S5 or GOLF GTI

  • Lot of risk driving this toy.

  • Very interesting car!! Grettings from Chile

  • you can leave the fuel flap, radio and light crack as it is and save 1k.

  • 60 mph please l want to see gravel rash lol 😂

  • Create the perfect roadster experience with the least amount of ressources :) Its a bit odd that this kids toy is road legal but it cant be driven there by children because they dont have a license yet :)

  • It should have one of those Baja- antennas, I would be so scared to get run over by an SUV that didnt see me at all :) Perfect represantation of what stuff can be made road legal in the UK :) I think there are some serious drag cars that have normal plates over there :)

  • Now Even Supra Mk5

  • Having owned an NB with the 1.8 VVTI 6spd manual And driven an Nb with 1.6 and 5spd HUGE DIFFERENCE. Completely different animals

  • Well... Atleast its fugly

  • There is some Christians watching your programme, do not mention the Lord's name in vain, you lost me.

  • That's too British

  • That looks bloody cold

  • Buen concepto y mal diseño. El coche es tan feo que daña a la vista, la caja que tiene por carrocería parece balancearse demasiado en las curvas, no parece cómodo. En definitiva, no te lo van a lo bueno.

  • dream car. basically the simpsons car that homer designs

  • Sorry I love the car but I don't live in your country I live in America that would be great over here . But you know it just won't happen . Typical

  • Fiat Punto 💙

  • "legal road sofa isnt real" Road legal sofa :


  • that looked so much like Bunnings Warehouse In Australia

  • no seatbelt :o

  • I am new to your channel

  • How much the price ?

  • The design uff. ... Emmm.. uhm.... Designers must be effort for the electric one .maybe an 1920 retro look?

  • Go on a road trip with it next and tryna make it faster

  • Get a predator in that thing

  • He needs to get in contact with grind hard plumbing co if he wants to up the speed...

  • I realy have always loved tiny cars .when I was a kid I liked the 80s escort but then when I found out how weak they are I see why it's not popular but a tiny car with power would b cool..I'm weird

  • I'm Chinese and I can confirm that Chinese impression put me into agony

  • So gereat for white

  • 6:43 What da fuck is this 🤣🤣

  • My grandmpa on wheelchair is faster than this car,and he’s more highly chance to get laid than this car’s owner