Here's What We REALLY Think Of Your Cars 5

Avaldati 22 jaan 2021
In episode #6 of Roast My Ride, we take a look at more of your cars and give our thoughts!
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  • 7:24 that’s so SUS cuz my dads friend had one same couloir same letre same missing hubcaps and it was stolen

  • Car Throttle: Let´s Turbo A Micra! Me: Let´s put a Chevy 454 Big Block V8 in a Peel P50!!!

  • M5 was mint. You guys were wrong about the Mazda 323 though.

  • 6:57 Thanks for that Alex, just saving it for future use.

  • If you want to turbo a Micra just get a k14 😂. Also I'm with Ethan, BMW is a bit bland, they are good cars with great engineering but still

  • Damn, you guys are really SHITTING on people. Nice. xD

  • 17:44 childhood memories, cool, buut..... isnt that one of the most boring and unsexy porsches, that are existing? besides the dumb suv´s of course.... 18:25 kanjoooo xD

  • 14:34 normally im not his opinion, but hes right...

  • Ethan has the nicest house lol

  • These three should be the new Top Gear. The level of silliness/seriousness and general information is about right. Chris Harris is brilliant but his Top Gear 'persona' isn't working. He needs to get back to the guy that did the Pagani Huayra video.

  • Please turbo the Micra

  • That 323 looks like literally every 323 in New Zealand, I don't think I've even seen a stock one

  • All the sedans and wagons are useless. Only vans are good cars

  • I think widened down the middle means he cut the car in half, front to back, down the middle and welded 25 cm of steel between the two halves. The cabin looks wide. 10:54 Edit: 1973 Model year is a Land Rover series 3 which he made look like a much more modern defender with that front grill. The squared off corners from the windscreen show it's actually that old. Very cool car.

  • I would never feel offended by guys who still use wired headphones. 😬

  • That "Colin" picture in the back is very distracting... Specially when you're roasting a car that belongs to a Colin...

  • Man I kinda love that vw

  • That Jetta, OMG… I learned to drive in the 4-door slightly newer version of it. It is not fun to drive but it certainly brings some memory back. So it is quite interesting to me.

  • Mk2 Polo Formel E was first production car to have stop start, didnt usually work so VW gave up after a bit.

  • The only moment BMW driver use their blinkers is at a track or hitting something hard😂haha

  • 15:04 "lives at home" yea, hate those tossers aswell

  • Jack hasn’t a clue, calling out that VW for being boring. He’s the most vanilla man on the channel

    • *funniest

  • They roast people, but own shittier cars and drive like absolute shit, all god, I know I can beat them all in any race they choose

    • Sure you could lol... That's the point they drive terrible cars.

  • "I like your back box" needs to be a shirt 😅

  • You middle class bimmer boys wouldn't get the red top scene 😂. Awesome podcast

  • I honestly couldn't give a toss what you'd think of my car's there mine and your opinion is irrelevant .

    • *their

  • Yes jack, please turbo a Micra! I would love to see it

  • How do I submit my car for you guys to give your honest opinions! ? How do I submit my photos for you to roast away?

  • I hate that style of Micra, but that was a nice example.

  • These crashed cars give me the fear. Everyone of them could have been a kid.

  • i like the mcm sticker on the micra. legend!!!


  • Yes PLS Micra a turbo Micra a turbo quick.. (looks left & right in sus)

  • Since when is a person choice any of your business to talk trash on .

    • Since the vehicle owner submitted to "roast my ride".

  • That omegas class , it’s the laguna splitter that does it for me 🤙🏻

  • I liked the rx7

  • Man you know what, I fucking love that Corolla, I would drive it everywhere

  • Nissan Micras do do a 1.3 turbo. Standard

  • Omega’s a brilliant bit of kit.

  • Widened down the middle?

  • That e34 is the nicest car ever in roast my car.

  • You guys should definitely get a k11 get over to for a turbo micra

  • Turbo Micra!!!!

  • to be honest, the BMW thru a wall cause it was driven by a bellend is a pretty standard picture of a BMW

  • dogging on that rx7 when you drive a ponced up mx5 is ironic

  • At 18:19, the “USA” plate on he front of the ram... is this supposed to look like a plate from the states? Just a plain white rectangle with black letters? Maybe I am missing the joke. Great episode by the way, love the content.

  • Regarding turbo in micra, there used to be turbocharged ans supercharged micra variant in 80s. Its reare like unicorn, but I was surely crazy.

  • I am sad . I love Opel corsas

  • I would love an fc rx7 becuase my mom sold hers when she got pregnant with me, she has since passed but I have had many other mazdas and would love one

  • How much damage have done Ebay to the cars !!

  • "Poor man's Wagon-R" hahahah

  • That Porsche is "wicked" and the RX7 is "meh" ? You have intiguing taste, gemtlemen.

  • 7:52 you right ethan bmw’s are hugely overrated crap And unrelaible. That green omega trackcar is freaking Nice. Love the colour two men 👍

  • You should try and make a more modern version of the Renault gt5 Turbo, using a Clio 🤣😂🤣

    • Potato / tomato

    • Gt5 turbo ? You played to much gran turismo kid.. its 5 gt turbo

  • Dont worry that Toyota is already scrapped, if you look up the plates its says so

  • when the bro sent in his pic from dunedin new zealand but got ripped on for his organ pipe , and living at his mums lol gc bro #nzbogan

  • Instead of 'Roast my car', why not 'Cuddle my car'. They have to respond to the most monstrous of cars the fans send and they have to stay positive about it and even praise the cars. As a bonus round they have to choose cars for each other and do the same.

  • "Ford Festiva Turbo"

  • I had a wagon r and the ignition went 3 times. After replacing it for the 3rd time and it going again I was so annoyed that instead of selling it I scraped it

  • Why the fuck people buy pieces of shit cars that are worth less then a month of Amazon Prime only to try and make it cool? It wont turn cool no matter how much you mod it. Save you money, spend it on Prime and watch real cars in the Grand Tour.

    • @Roël Konings Because they don't like scripted shows...

    • @Roël Konings when did i ever bash your opinion or get triggered. I'm just defending dudes who like working on shitboxes because its fun

    • @Alex Grant Am I pissed? Nah not in the slightest, I don't get pissed because someone gives his opinion in the EEclone comment section. You're so busy trying to prove something you don't see you are now bashing on my opinion by saying people might think otherwise ;). Don't get triggered by simple things like this.

    • @Roël Konings bro why are you getting so pissed about what others like. You don’t need to like it, if it puts a smile on their face and they have fun then who cares.

    • @Alex Grant That kind of cars are shit no matter what I or you think about it. That is a fact.

  • Beautiful pronunciation of "Cinquecento" there lads, I thought I was watching real Italians talking...

  • is it just me or has this gottten less familey frendley each one of these rost my rides

  • How do 3 people utterly clueless about cars have a channel dedicated to cars? Hurr durr e30, FD, e36, M5's M3's... A few well known model types is about all they know, more irritating than a rash, but somehow 3 million subs.

  • I had a e30 325i touring exactly the same as that one, back when I was 19. I regret selling it big time :(

  • everytime I see bmw on the show I wanna unsubscribe


  • Ethan is really coming out of his shell, totally dissing A&J's unhealthy interest in Beemers. FFS do those two share a box of Kleenex when they see the blue propellor badge? I'm in total agreement, WTF is exciting about that Touring or the old M5? I don't know their E numbers and frankly don't want to learn them because they're both stock boring pieces of shizer. Apart from 1 or 2 exceptions that's a vein that runs thro the whole BMW and Porsche thing to me. Couple that to them generally being driven by arrogant bell ends and I'll be staying well clear thank you very much. Even the name BMW is unimaginative, an acronym of the area where the factory is . They might drive well, but they're all so alike, just scaled up or down and given a number.

  • How do I get a part of this? Would love to submit my 2000 bmw z3 2.8 (5 speed)

    • Just found out Ethan drives a pre facelift z3 as well🤣

  • Please do a micra

  • Still waiting for my roast 😭 Did I not turn on the oven or something 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • great video lads, the whole roast my ride is good craic but please for the love of god don't be doing so many BMW's in them for christ sake if i was that desperate for a cup of tea id go to the kitchen

  • Plz do one off this but all bmws 😂😂😂

  • I like the omega!!! Like a modern lotus carlton

  • Yes definitely turbo a micra I wanted to do that on my first car which was a micra but now own a MG Zr👍😉

  • “He obviously needs to wake the f up” regarding the dream chasers sticker. That was too funny XD

    • That omega is the dogs danglys 👍👍👍

  • 7:54 Me be like: Censor machine be like: Please stop! 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Turbo A Micra.

  • Watching this lot trying to hate really nice cars is so funny

  • big end bearing located at the end of the connecting rod.

  • that seiscento owner owes everyone who has to look at that thing reparations for mental distress

  • letss gooo bmw

  • Ethan was excellent this show!

  • That jetta needs big bumpers arches and skirts from the gti n it would be much nicer. Gets rarity points though 👍🏻 And lovin' the chopped sticker on the Micra ✌🏻

  • I want that warning t-shirt. Is that a CT shirt?

  • Very wrong about the Jetta

  • this episode led me to unsubscribe. i didn’t laugh once. you guys are the least funny people on the website and your content is for children ages 2-8

  • Tbf a super done up Micra with engine swap and turbo charger would be fantastic 😂

  • I would like to see the turbo micra

  • The boot story 😂😂

  • I'd love to see a micra body swapped onto an off roader, something like the jimny and put all the bullbars and accessories on

  • I’m 18 and I’ve got a 1929 Austin seven that is in literal rusted bits and needs assembly, you should do more old old stuff

  • Doesn't everyone live at home? Unless they are homeless...

  • Does concern me if any of these young drivers that mod their cars inform their insurance that they've changed the original specs of the car

  • this basically just became a bmw fanboy show.....meh

  • The opel corsa gsi is an impressive work, although it doesn't look the best. That roast was kinda mean, but oh well

  • Ethan will soon have that golden moment when he see's BMW with a halo background. He owns one so it shouldn't be long.

  • 15:12 That's nostalgia right there I remember learning how to drive in one of those, I thought that was the last time I would see this vehicle let alone a custom one I like it.

  • Novas are class haha. Hate them old BMWs

  • turbo the micra

  • Yes a big fan of a choke