Non-Car Guy Reviews: BMW M340d Touring

Avaldati 2 apr 2021
This week, Ethan takes the car-review reigns and tells us about the BMW M340d Touring's awesome 'double cheese graters' and '80nm of torque'...
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  • Its painful to see ethan have no clue about cars

  • Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

  • Pathetic

  • Can’t wait for mine putting my mx5 nd in the boot and drive to the alps like a maniac

  • So the moral of the story is: buy a BMW 335i twin turbo petrol (which is faster) & 50k cheaper, then use the spare 50k saving to also buy a house. (deposit)

  • Hello Alex, this is BMW, were ringing you because we know how much you love our cars & would like you to to review our new M340d Touring... Hi this is Ethan, welcome to Car Throttle... BMW - Oh shit....

  • Would love to see you do some more electric vehicle reviews as a car guy. The Mercedes EQC for example.

  • As a real life resident of the village of Pishill (pronounced Pish-ill), this was outstanding.

  • We need more of this, its pure gold

  • Ethan’s male: cracks me up every time

  • At what stage will Ethan no longer be the non car guy?

  • Way to go Ethan! More of this please

  • By the next review he'll be an expert

  • I've just bought a 2016 BMW 335d XDrive Msport Saloon after having an S3 8p stage 1, and, to be fair, it's the best upgrade I've ever made 👌

  • I think Ethan should do a review on Phil, after reviewing this, compare the two as well. You guys are great by the way, really good content, always making me smile and laugh!

  • Itits alride funny idid laugh muchwhat as idid thing itwas funny please more to watch assuch.

  • It's a lovey motor but please BMW stop putting M badges on your diesel and non M cars. I shit you not I had some chump try tell me his E91 320d M sport was the same and if not better than my E46 M3 because it was an M sport!!!!!! I hate the world now!

    • Just to add, I've an 2002 E46 330d touring which I bloody love. It's got 265000 miles on it and I'll sell my wife and/or kids before I sell it 🤣

  • It's a lovey motor but please BMW stop putting M badges on your diesel and non M cars. I shit you not I had some chump try tell me his E91 320d M sport was the same and if not better than my E46 M3 because it was an M sport!!!!!! I hate the world now!

  • Dog in the back, kids in the boot.

  • Ethan is living the dream life, but not his own. Pretty sure that we will get him there soon ...

  • BMW naming went out the window with the addition of a turbo. It used to be easy, 1st number was the series, 2nd and 3rd were the engine size. Now with the turbo, their cars are named so that it makes the same power as whatever 2nd and 3rd digit are on a N/A BMW. 50k is what I payed on my car, and I got all of the options you had from a different manufacturer. The only thing I am missing is the rear seats and estate (very small trunk). After testing a similar spec BMW, mine has slightly better comfort. I don't get nearly the MPG though. Bet you could never guess what my car was. Chevy Camaro

  • This was awesome! This could do 5.5s if you don’t go that fast..

  • 12v USB - probably don't want to plug your phone into that :-D

  • This is my favourite Car Throttle vid yet - more like this!

  • hahah i like this review

  • Ethans non knowledge is a car throttle treasure, gotta love it!

  • Ethan gave all of us car reviewer wannabes a nice dose of “icandoit” wishfulness

  • I think we all want more of these videos, they're hilarious!

  • I'd love to see Alex as a contestant in Taskmaster.

  • More please!!!

  • Ethan smoked too much weed when he was younger. Good lad lol

  • PLEASE do more of these.

  • ' i have never purported to be a journalist'.....'You have, it's in your twitter bio'...Gold!

  • Ethan giving Jeremy Clarkson a run for his money.

  • Over 60K for what is essentially a luxury diesel wagon.....I think not.

  • plot twist: he actually is a car guy, but pretends not to be for the channel

  • Defo needs 5% tint

  • You must do a video like Ethan revieuws an american boat liek the lincoln continental mark v. I want Ethan feeling the weirdness of the strange wobblematic suspension

  • Brilliant great double act

  • "this is an M car" well, no it's not.... it just has an M badge for reasons unknown. all these makes are devaluating there performance brands


  • It will breake down after two years anyway. BMW Crap

    • @Do One I was expecting it to last at least the 2 years of warranty but that is to much of an expectation with a company like BMW. My honest opinion is obvious, BMW is BY FAR the worst Car company in the world.

  • 8:18 what you said is soooo wrong. If a car can do everything it's not boring it's the best car or one of the best. I know you didn't say boring like not fun but still saying that car that has v8 petrol engine is boring in any way while sitting in a diesel with half the power i know that m340d is really fun doesn't matter if it's diesel or gas they are both fun but it kinda sounds wrong for somebody else listening. Compare it to s4 or rs4. You all were screaming and laughing in rs6 and now you are saying that.

  • More from Ethan Plz. Bloody hilarious guys!

    • @Do One if you say so buddy. Have a great day.

  • Someone can’t drive a friends car because they’re not the insured in the UK?

  • This is not the Clarkson we want, but the one we deserve.

  • How does insurance work in the UK? In the Netherlands you insure the car, and anyone that you give permission can drive it.

  • Ethan for president! You do have a president over there after brexit, right? No? Well, you have now. You're welcome.

  • Nah he drives a honda jazz. He knows how to buy a good car


  • Non car guy does not know their wheel size. Reporting for fake title!

  • Perfect review from a non-car guy who is becoming a not so non-car guy. I think I shall buy a M 340d now and I will like to buy Phil for the great inflated price of 85000 pence.

  • These videos are brilliant! I'd like to see what Ethan makes or something like a GR Yaris or perhaps something more outlandish like a Caterham.

  • Edd China is BACK on EEclone !!!!

  • Loved it! Very refreshing format!

  • i will buy it after 20 years for £1400 a

  • But the sound of a petrol version, oh man...!

  • 4:52 wipers test

  • where is the prelude series gone ???? i want more V-tec

  • Must say I dislike the "Peugeot"-like headlights with the bumper notching them

  • Wait until it breaks, it will cost an arm and a leg to fix

  • Handles like it's on rails, pulls like a train and a 0 60 of about 3 minutes.

  • The new m340d with a 660cc turbo charged 3 cylinder

  • Where’s the podcast

  • More non car guy

  • A non car guy working in a EEclone channel for car people....😐

  • What happened to Ethan’s Z3 project car videos?

  • This car somehow becomes 3x more handsome as an estate.

  • Gotta sort that insurance thing

  • Need more Z3 content!

  • Ethan should do a review totally on his own, reviewing a car based upon what he thinks is important.

  • Any chance you guys can get Ethan to review a DeLorean?

  • When is ethan gonna do more stuff on the z3. Really wann see him do some more performance mods or cosmetic mods on it

  • Love it.

  • Great review Ethan! I am a proud owner of the new BMW 320d Touring and it is the perfect car, despite having a far inferior engine to the one reviewed. The clincher for me was the double cheese grater which comes standard on all models, unlike the indicators which I paid an extra £1500 for in the courtesy pack.

  • I think we should have Ethan review an older car, maybe one he owns, so it doesn't matter if what he says is completely wrong. He should do it alone. Then Alex reviews the same car so we can see the difference.

  • God the front grill looks ugly

  • Brilliant video as always, you guys are so down to earth and realistic, don't take yourselves too seriously, it's what makes you relatable to your audience as normal people and I think its the secret to your success. Don't change guys 👍

  • Haha entertaining to watch, Ethan did a good job. The BMW is a nice motor, I don't like how they play car sounds through the stereo though. Love the split tailgate.

  • A much cleaner lined car than Harry's chaotically styled M3 Competition. Nice!

  • Well done Etho! Man bmw have lost their way in design

  • Damn, BMW really nailed it with the new 3 series. Design cues from their best times and a straight six in 2021, this car hits all the right spots.

    • @Do One I cannot argue with (and wasn't talking about) reliability and quality but horrid looks? This alongside a current 5-series is the most bimmerish looking bimmer in the lineup and has reasonable sized kidney grille. You might not like the looks and I cannot argue with that either but if the new 3-series is 'horrid', what would be the words to describe X6, new 7 or the GT models? 😂

  • Alex: This is my new long-termer Ethan: OUR new long-termer *communism intensifies*

  • This is your best review till date!

  • 12:40 is such a top gear moment especially the drive by shot😂

  • Yes non car guy reviews, should do one Doug DeMuro style...THAT would be brilliant

  • This is what most of us subscribed for. Just 2 guys in a car. Top job 👍

  • Easy review really, as you would expect from a modern BMW it's incredibly ugly, it's a diesel so it will shortly be banned from most towns and cities. 19" wheels with low profile tyres so the ride will be harsh and uncomfortable and you will need new tyres and rims every other pothole. Leather seats which will, naturally be heated to try and disguise how cold they are in winter, although they will still be uncomfortably hot and sweaty in the summer. Whilst I would normally recommend that a far more comfortable and durable cloth seat be specified as a white trim is fitted, leather (or more likely a vegan friendly alternative) will better survive the constant cleaning it will need. Price is £ ludicrous even before any overpriced options are fitted ensuring this car will depreciate faster than warp factor 10. Performance and handling are impressive, if you ever find an open road. You can look forward to reliability ratings second only to Land Rover so big repair bills are to be expected. Despite being fitted with a wheel and tyre combo which vulnerable to potholes, doubtless no spare tyre will be provided so you will have plenty of time to read war and peace whilst waiting for a tow to nearest Tyre shop. A tyre shop which will have you over a barrel and be able to charge you top £ for the cheapest budget tyre. To sum up If you like throwing money into a bottomless pit and enjoy driving like a d***h*** this is the car for you. on the plus side it is a car not a fancy farm truck. If you have more sense but still want a BMW buy yourself an E30, the last BMW worth buying. AS I'm sure Alex would agree.

    • @wowzers GREAT NEWS I’ve found the perfect car. The Dacia Sandero👍🏻

    • and what is a good car lmao?

  • Nice editing at the end jack 👍

  • Ethan chatting shit for quarter of an hour is what I needed cheers lads

  • Ethans the only known person to stall in an automatic

  • I love this

  • So when will you be taking over top gear? You should replace the current presenters.

  • Absolute genius guy classic 👍

  • let ethan get behind the wheel...he kinda looks like jesse

  • it's a nice video to look at

  • what would be a good reason to go for the petrol version?

  • Someone edit a gun into ethan's hand when he points

  • He need to review Phil

  • I thought I recognised those roads! Should have dropped down into Watlington, I'd have let you drive the FD! There is a really nice back road hill climb from junction 6 of the m40 up to Stokenchurch that you guys should check out if you haven't. Its double width on the way up so no getting stuck behind cyclists.